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We've raised the bar for hail forecasting. Here's why.


Our forecasts are actionable, not just informative

The current hail forecast leader is NOAA, which shares a day-ahead view of hail risk across broad areas. These are helpful for a generalized understanding of hail risk, but not specific enough for you to take preventative action. We provide predictions localized for every 3km, allowing you to know where and when to take action.

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NOAA Day-Ahead

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NOAA Day-Ahead

Excarta Day-Ahead


We predict storms up to 48 hours in advance, giving you more time to respond

Radar can only pick up storms that are already active, forecasting their movements in the short-term. We provide severe hail forecasts up to 48 hours in advance and update that forecast hourly, so you have the best understanding of developing hail storms.

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